PETER IAN CUMMINGS (msj ma ba) is president of XY Foundation and publisher XY Magazine since 1996. An LGBT youth icon for several decades, Peter was a longtime foreign correspondent in London and Paris, is a media, culture, and inequality theorist, and has done consulting and placements at KCRW (NPR), Common Cause, The Advocate, United Media, the World Bank, Accenture, and Quicken. Peter recently taught a colloquium at CUNY/Queens College on "Trump, Atomization, and the Aesthetic Failure of the Left," was a founding officer of the International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization IGLYO, and is an expert on cultural inequality, magazine design, civil rights, media economy, boybands, and Hollywood. Peter is known for his widely read magazine essays, photography, and for the phrase "Dear Reader." Peter is a dual national of the US and UK, has degrees in architecture, journalism and media studies-film, and currently lives in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.